03.07.2012 Biodiversity

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WP3 Skype 03 July 2012

Participants: L. Candela, G. Coro, E. Vanden Berghe, A.Ellenbroek


Main discussions

Gianpaolo present and demonstrate facilities for Occurrence Point Management and beyond including

  • Slides
  • Video
  • EcologicalModeling VRE Demo
  • GeoExplorer facilities Demo
  • release date for occurrence points reconciliation and taxa reconciliation service
    • these facilities will be released in an incremental way, it is not feasible to wait for a fully fledged version of them since the beginning
      • for instance, the BiodiversityResearchEnvironment is deployed and any user can join it
        • Through this VRE it is possible to discover and display occurrence points coming from a number of data providers;
        • Through this VRE it will be possible to discover "Taxa Names" (a first reelase will be mid of July);
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