03.05.2012 Biodiversity Call

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Meeting Notes 03.05.2012 16.00 - 16.40 Biodiversity Cluster

Participants: Anton Ellenbroek, Edward Vanden Berghe

Topics: 1. the iMarine Board plan 2. Effort reporting 3. AOB

Notes 1. The iMarine Board Work plan.

AE created a set of high level iMarine Board workplans; one for each cluster. The biodiversity draft can be found here: http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Biodiversity_Draft_Work_Plan_Q2-3-_2012

This has to be completed with information from the cluster participants, based on their feedback after the Board meeting and the template distributed by M.Taconet.

EB: A complete plan can only be made after some test have been perfomed with the Taxon Name Access service. It is essential that a development version of the service be made available to the Community, so that they can start taking this available infrastructure into account when planning their activities.

It is difficult for the Community (OBIS) to form a picture of where the service will run most efficiently; either started from a postgresql, or as a independent service. A work-plan must be prepared with the technology providers. It is clear that this will require a higher level of interaction than the current one.

2. Effort reporting Will informally report directly to project management until a new working arrangement has been negotiated with IOC / Unesco.

3. AOB:

  • Progress of services: OBIS want to start experimenting with the services in order to provide more precise requirements. Producing a realistic work plan requires that OBIS understands the capabilities.
  • The interactions with the services of the e-Infrastructure preferred by OBIS would rely on R.
  • Needs a service on top of GBIF to discover species distribution data soon that are missing in OBIS.
  • Nicolas is still difficult to reach
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