02.04.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday April 2, 2012, 15:00 - xx:xx Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the March WP reports prepared by each WP leader. Each WP leader has to prepare a concise report on major achievements, on issues and deviations from the plan (highlighting the identified countermeasures identified to solve the issue), and on the plan for the next short reporting period. In particular, cross-activities and cross-partners issues and results should be emphasized.
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos (G. Kakaletris) R. Tsantouli

Main Discussions and Actions

M5 (Mar '12) Activity Report

On WP1 report:

  • Donatella highlight that effort reporting is still missing;
    • E-IIS, FAO, CRIA and UNESCO effort reporting are missing:
      • E-IIS will complete this activity soon;
      • FAO sent it to ERCIM;
      • UNESCO might be an issue. Donatella will send an email;
      • CRIA: Donatella will send an email;

On WP2 report:

  • no major news, the activity is progressing;
  • Donatella, Marc and Lino participated in a number of events involving EU projects, these might lead to liaisons;
    • A lot of interest on iMarine project activities has been raised;
    • events aiming at avoiding duplication of efforts among these projects (in the Ocean sector) and iMarine should be organised;
  • by end of March we should have been delivered D2.1 Management Report;
    • Donatella sent an email with a request for contributions and deadlines; Contributions are expected by WP Leaders;
    • ERCIM is willing to include in this deliverable some figures concerning the effort spent;
  • among the projects, there is the ScienceSoft initiative (http://sciencesoft.web.cern.ch/):
    • minutes and actions resulting from a meeting (Pasquale Pagano and Andrea Manzi attended the meeting) will be circulated by the TD to the TCom mailing list;
    • the goal of the initiative (coordinated by EMI - CERN) is to 'federate' software providers;
    • the ScienceSoft initiative is willing to include gCube among the early participants;
      • if no major issues will be raised by the consortium, the project agrees on supporting the initiative;

On WP3 report:

  • the major activity has been the preparation of the iMarine Advisory Council meeting; Anton is preparing the minutes;
  • they are contracting a new project member that is willing to reuse some software components;
  • there is an important achievement resulting from the iMarine Board meeting, a work plan;
    • Anton is preparing a report;
    • a number of phone conferences have been scheduled;
    • E-IIS is waiting for requirements on Security aspects, in particular on federating a number of heterogeneous providers;
      • WP5 and WP8 might complement what will eventually result from WP3;
  • There are two deliverables delayed, D3.1 and D6.2
    • CNR will liaise with FAO in order to avoid further delays and complete these two deliverables after the Easter break;

On WP4 report:

  • Hilary is missing because she is sick;
  • a phone conference between TRUST-IT, FAO and CNR has been organised today;
    • the goal is to converge on a shared set of definitions of key terms to be used during any dissemination activity;
  • Donatella highlights that the project website is poor wrt news:
    • Andrea Manzi and Pasquale Pagano might produce a news on their participation to the EGI community event;
    • another one might be produced for the EMI-iMarine MoU;
    • something on the Advisory Council meeting and the iMarine Board Meeting should be produced;
    • Anton proposes to have material other that events and papers announced, e.g. a link on new material produced through the infrastructure like species maps, global catch statistics;
      • FAO will detail this proposal and liaise with Hilary on how to publish this 'information';

On WP5 report:

  • the major achievement is the release of the iMarine Gateway (portal.i-marine.d4science.org) and the deployment of the 2.8.0;
  • some problems with the node of the infrastructure running in Kiel;
  • a re-organisation of infrastructure is planned us to make room for forthcoming VREs;
  • the creation of the d4science.org website should start;
    • this will be based on Liferay and hosted by CNR;
    • CERN will coordinate this activity;

On WP6 report:

  • there is limited contribution from partners other that CNR and NKUA;
  • CNR contacted IRD to get further details on the activity performed;
  • there is one of the activities that seems a bit out of scope (FAO reported in Task 6.1);
    • this should be discussed off line;

On WP7 report:

  • the major achievement is the release on 2.8.0;
  • moreover, some deployment tests have been performed;
  • a maintenance release (2.8.1) started;
  • the idea of having releases and deployment of parts of the systems (by applications) is not abandoned:
    • this requires to complete Maven migration and testing infrastructure deployment;
    • versioning should be discussed;
    • planned activities should be documented through TRAC also in this case;

On WP8 report:

  • expected milestones have been achieved;
  • a number of TRAC tickets have been created for the new resource management functions;
  • tickets expecting to document the workflow technology are still lacking;
  • in 2.9.0 the following components are expected
    • the sw repository gateway and clients will be there;
    • Resource Mgr and Deployer should be there;
    • for PE2ng no plan is there / documented through tickets;
      • it should be there; tickets should be created during the current week;

On WP9 report:

  • a brief description of the activity report is presented;
    • R interaction has been fixed, btw this fix is not part of 2.8.1 since the incident has been resolved in a different way;
      • gCube Apps are not having access to the R facility;
  • Terradue contribution is missing;
  • in 2.9.0 we will have the Species Service;

On WP10 report:

  • a brief description of the activity report is presented;
    • there are two prototypes for semantic data analysis, they are outside the infrastructure;
      • what is the plan for having them in the infrastructure?
      • NKUA should enrich the OpenSearch document and revise the 'search portlet' to use the new service. If this is successful, we will have the functionality in 2.9.0;
      • the real integration of this technology should be discussed and analysed if it has to be part of the infrastructure;
  • one deliverable and two milestones are due in April;
    • no major delay/deviation is expected;
  • in the context of the iMarine Board there has been a discussion on a common ontology. NKUA is not aware on this;

On WP11 report:

  • a brief description of the activity report is presented;
  • the TD is highlighting that MS47 and MS48 are heavy milestones;
    • NKUA is confident to manage to achieve such milestones;

Deliverables status

The following deliverables have accumulated delay:

D3.1 EA-CoP Operation (Jan. '12 - FAO)
should be completed in few days;
D6.2 Applications and Tools Development Plan (Jan. '12 - FAO)
should be completed in few days;
D11.1 Integration and Interoperability Framework Definition (Feb. '12 - NKUA)
it is under review by CNR; should be completed in few days;
D2.1 Management Report (Mar. '12 - CNR)
should be completed in the next days;

On forthcoming deliverables:

  • D8.1, D9.1, D10.3, D11.2 are SW and should documented through a shared template;
    • by end of next week a template should be circulated by CNR (WP8);

Milestones status

The following milestones have accumulated some delay:

  • MS7 Wiki describing workplan, requirements, and tasks assignment (WP3, FAO)
  • MS8 Definition of policy and governance development model (WP3, FAO)

A lot of milestones are due in April.


The next PEB should be May 7th, 2012 at 15:00 CET.

Agreed Actions Summary

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